Flips is Hiring!

We're looking for coaches ready to work Part-Time in a fun, fast-paced, fitness-oriented atmosphere!
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*Child Care experience required.
*Gymnastics experience preferred, but not required!

About the Owner

Our founder, Sarah Banck, received her Bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communications from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2001. Since then, Sarah has dove head first into the world of developmental gymnastics, spending 11 years at Swiss Turners Gymnastics Academy as Preschool Director, and 4 years at Infinite Gymnastics in Brown Deer. As of 2022, Sarah celebrates her 23rd year of coaching and leading extraordinary gymnasts!

Since opening Flips 4 All in 2015, Sarah has dedicated all of her time and energy to advancing the physical, social, and emotional wellness of her students. Through gymnastics, we're able to promote not only strength and coordination, but the development of fine motor skills, while engaging brain functions such as memory and concentration. Gymnastics is a natural confidence builder, and the foundation to physical development, as well as a lifetime of physical activity. By making personalized assessments, we're able to formulate a custom lesson plan best suited to your child and their success!

"Coaching children really is my passion. I strive to research, learn, think, and develop continuously to bring the best I have to offer. I hope to share with you the profound physical, social, and emotional benefits this wonderful sport can provide your child!"
- Sarah Banck

The Power of Play

Making the learning process as fun as possible plays a crucial element in our classes here at Flips 4 All. According to Psychology Today, when we stop enjoying what we do, we stop learning. We begin to retreat in our ability to function cognitively, and our ability to make connections weakens. However, when students are engaged in activities they find pleasurable, they are more willing to participate, take risks, and are able to retain more information. This is because the experience is enjoyable, memorable, and most importantly, FUN!

We are able to achieve this through positive reinforcement and encouragement, and by making a game of skill building! By breaking down skills to their essential parts, our creative and interactive coaches can keep children moving, learning, and laughing; with more attempts and less errors being the result! From balance beams to trampolines, Flips is sure to be a fun and engaging time for all!

“Play is, by its very nature, educational. And it should be pleasurable. When the fun goes out of play, most often so does the learning."

- Joanne E. Oppenheim (Kids and Play, 1984)

Need Special Accommodation?

Available for students who perform better one-on-one with a coach,
or who have developmental physical* or neurological disabilities!

*Flips 4 All is a wheelchair friendly establishment!

Happy Family Testimonials

"We love Flips 4 All. Sarah is a phenomenal development and special needs coach who works wonderfully with children of all ages and needs. We are so grateful to have her as a coach and so glad she has her own space which is growing. From classes to open gyms to birthday parties, Flips is a great gymnastics experience."

-A. Koller Shumate

"I have had the pleasure of watching Sarah work for years. I have seen tremendous progress in all students who have had the opportunity to work with her. She is always kind, gentle, and patient, and always up for a challenge with a new student!"

-K. Hensen

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